Meet Luke


Luke was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

He started working in a pizza restaurant at the age of 12, folding boxes and washing dishes. Continuing through high school, he started cooking at 14 at nights and weekends, and at 16 left school to cook full-time at the restaurant.

Luke worked at 2 other Italian restaurants until he was 18, when he fully realized his passion for cooking, and left for Australia to start a chef apprenticeship in the restaurant capital, Melbourne.

He worked in a range of restaurants, focusing on fine dining where he knew building a strong foundation for his cooking  career was of utmost importance.

Shortly after completing his apprenticeship, he left for Japan where he spent 9 months staging in  restaurants, learning new techniques and disciplines.

Upon returning to New Zealand, he was offered group head chef of a very busy and fast growing company which involved being part of the opening of new sites, growing his hospitality experience.

Following this, Luke was hired for various consultancy positions setting up new businesses and creating concepts and menus, training staff and balancing budgets.

Searching for a new dynamic in his career, he set out to the sea, where he joined the super yacht industry, travelling to many parts of the world, learning new ingredients and honing his skills further. Cooking privately for people has been a very natural progression for Luke, and now balances his schedule between super yachts, private clients and consulting.

Being an avid lover of animals, Luke had a deep down feeling during his many years cooking, that there had to be a way of making high standard food without having to use animal products, which prompted his plant-based journey 2 years ago. Having completed training at the best plant based culinary school in America if not the world, he is now creating his style of food, where a strong foundation and understanding of technique and skill is met with a playful and fun approach to vegan cooking.

Luke loves yoga, fitness, meditation, golf, positive living and travel.

He aspires to create a restaurant in the future where he can bring all of his passions together for the world to enjoy.

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